Monday 12 July 2010

Pagans in Angel

In Brendan's post about Alright The Captain Oxford trio HREÐA received a mention. One thought crossed my mind - "Why haven't I posted about HREÐA by now?" It seems to me that HREÐA have been pushing their brand of melodic riff driven post rock around the Oxford scene for a while now. It's the kind of mathy post rock which has formed the very bed rock for Oxford bands over recent years, and while some may have moved into different territories, more hardcore and noise etc, HREÐA have gone on to perfect the art and refine their craft, moving away from their more cinematic sound, ditching the cello, and taking the more direct route. You might think you know what you're getting with HREÐA, but trust me its hard to predict a pagan goddess.

The 7" Dead Horses is out on Ingue Records, and well worth checking out. A taste below, and try and catch them this Friday supporting Alright The Captain and Order of the British Empire at Zenith, Angel.

HREÐA - Minnows


  1. Dude, why arent we going to see this?????

  2. Cos's its Ani's B-day drinks and she will kill us if we go to a gig instead.