Monday 12 July 2010

That Fungi's Growing Back

A blissfully underrated album of last year was Fungi Girls' Seafaring Pyramids (out through Hozac Records). It potentially had the two things I hate the most - scuzzy lo-fi garage pop, and a moniker with Girls in the title. Despite that, the album rose above to be a much punkier and altogether fun affair, therefore distancing itself enough from its brethren and mingling with the socially more troubled likes of Male Bonding and Harlem (both of which have introduced to the world their debut albums this year, and have both been reviewed here at Sonic Masala).

Well, just like their namesakes, Fungi Girls refused to go away, popping up with a couple of tracks in the past couple months with the promise of more 7" tomfoolery to come to round out the year. So here are a couple tracks to sate your appetites - 'Turquoise Hotel' being more like the FG's of old, and yet 'Owlsley Knows' hints at a more mature appraoch to their musical leanings - slower, but with a seductive slink in its swagger that intimates that something truly special is brewing over in Texas...

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