Saturday 17 July 2010

Ten Kens Find a Hollering Valhalla

The gritty psych noise of Ten Kens from Toronto will soon be hitting us hard with their second album For Posterity on its way next month (out through Fat Cat Records), and it is a mish-mash of blues, crunching riffage, skin-piercing pummelling drums, and tsunamis of distorted noise, all overlaid by Dan Workman's haunting echoed vocals, recalling The Black Angels' Alex Maas, whilst the band itself evokes a mixture of the stretching and compressing of the psychedelia that The Black Heart Procession have done so well, juxtaposed with sudden blasts of guitar blitzkriegs or elegaic musical interplay. It makes for a listen that ensures you are never likely to settle into a particular soundscape, therefore are kept aurally on your toes. Its very interesting indeed, and if you dont believe me, listen to 2008's self-titled debut and try to deny its excellence - then realise that the newie heightens this. Brooding blues is rarely this loud.

Ten Kens - Screaming Viking

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