Monday 19 July 2010

Eating Acid Is Killing Me...

I was rereading a Dusted Review of Mi Ami on Friday, when I listened to a Acid Eater track and shat myself. I was at work at the time, preparing for a lesson, so the bowel movement couldnt have come at a worse time. Suffice to say, these Japanese noise freaks use organ and distortion to brilliantly skew song into some bastardized devil soul, clicking skeletal fingers and be-bopping demons notwithstanding. There is an Australian band, Rocket Science, that used to have a similar feel before lead vocalist and organ/theremin slavedriver Roman Tucker collapsed and decided to take things down a notch. No offence Roman - Welcome To The DC-10 is still killer - but the only way to continue at breakneck speed is to sell your soul from the outset, get completely fucked up, fry every brain you come to influence, and laugh maniacally before the crossroads demon comes to collect. Acid Eater's new album, Black Fuzz On Wheels, is pretty much like a night at the Titty Twister as shown in seminal documentary From Dusk Til Dawn. This is scary sweaty fun that makes you (in)voluntarily shit yourself - what lo-fi is supposed to be like, then.

Acid Eater - Get Down
Acid Eater - Searching For Love

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