Saturday 10 July 2010

"Rock Band" - Raveonettes style

I just dissed The Drums in the previous post - and with good reason. There is nothing special about them, so they can take their bat and abll and go home as far as Im concerned.

But what's this? Im posting a Drums song? I am surely the biggest sellout ever!

Well, kinda, but not really. In fact, fuck you, Im the least sell-out-y of you! Temper tantrum continues...

So, here are the Drums - with a difference. The Raveonettes have done a 'remix' of their track 'Let's Go Surfing'. What I love about this song is that isn't so much a remix as it is Sune and Sharin in their living rooms, playing the song on cassette and recording over it with their own take - a classic karaoke move if I ever saw one. Thus, the song becomes a Raveonettes track - and is infinitely better as a result.

Raveonettes 1 - The Drums negative infinity.

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