Thursday 15 July 2010

Meridian signals blogger

Turns out that people have lots of hidden talents. There's shit your mates know how to do that you just wouldn't believe, and those that write music blogs are no exception. A blog that I mention on a regular basis is Louisville based blog The Decibel Tolls. Turns out the dude behind their fine words, Michael Powell, not only writes about music but makes it too under the name Meridian Signals and its good to boot. Shoegaze on the softer side washed along with swathes of noise that build with distortion and momentum with lots of reverb and whispered vocals thrown into the electric fuzz. Its' like pushing through a a murky static fog, sounds and thoughts floating in on the winds of noise.

Taste below and you can buy the 2010 E.P Mercator Songs here, out on Itslips Tapes, from the band camp site. Good luck with it dude and keep up the good work.

Meridian Signals - Nearly Nautical

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