Wednesday 14 July 2010

Endless full house ahead

Recently SM has been awash with news of new albums, particularly September albums - September is going to be one hell of a month, as the industry winds up the summer festival circuit and gets down to the serious business of selling new records. With every word of a band's new long player comes the initial excitement and then the fear that your favourite music muse has taken a new direction for the worse - the dreaded words 'they've gone pop' haunt many a young band.

There is one band whose new L.P you can embrace wholeheartedly in total confidence that no such ridiculous slurs could ever be fired their way, 'cos experience can teach us all we ever need to know: Endless Boogie. The new L.P Full House Head is due out next week on No Quarter. Frankly you could be guilty of thinking its going to be just like their previous Focus Level (that would only be a good thing) and if the first four minutes of the track Pack Your Bags is anything to go by then yes maybe, but wait 240 seconds of your newly enriched life and you'll realise that this slab of wax has had the Endless Boogie dial turned up to eleven. Bigger wig outs, longer tear melting guitar solos, and more grinding, gravel vocals from Top Dollar. If only all bands had a dial like that?

Endless Boogie - Pack Your Bags

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  1. Endless Boogie. Fucking amazing. Everyone has seen them except me. Boo. Still - thanks to Si, we have all at least heard them...