Friday 30 July 2010

Hidden No Longer

Another email, another gem. This comes from solo artist Joseph Scott, whose EP You Keep Me Hidden is a compartmentalised prism of electronic sound - each of the four songs a glass room of noise that captures a texture, that when combines offers up a whole of Scott's parts. There is melancholia and hope enmeshed in a M86 atmosphere that makes it at once accessible and impenetrable. By Scott's own admission he's immersed himself in the disparate waters of Lou Reed, John Coltrane, and Thurston Moore, with the histrionics of dance music the intrinsic factor that links them all.

So what does it all add up to? One hell of an intriguing listen, with the ambient sensibilities at odds with the frenetic soundbites that rise around it. Definitely warranting a wider audience at the very least. See what you think, and leave your comments at the door.

Joseph Scott - Celeste

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