Sunday 25 July 2010

International salutation - interstellar communication

International Hello are tripped out sound sculptors who hail from California. Their loosely structured jams involve the obligatory guitar wig outs, but includes a lot of effects pedalling, squelching sounds and face melting mind fucks. With more than a twinge in their psych leanings towards the Japanese form, these guys manage to wring every last drop of warpedness out of their instruments, compress them into vinyl form and, with gloves firmly stamped onto hands, carefully place their radioactive produce onto the market, waiting with bated breath for the music world to go to DEFCON-5 over it all. It probably won't happen - but guaranteed that when you embrace this stuff, expect some Tardis-level altering of the space-time continuum. You have been warned. (Oh, and these guys are the remains of another psych group, Monoshock - check them out if you have a lick of sense).

International Hello - Someone's Coming

The self-titled LP is out now through Holy Mountain.

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