Tuesday 20 July 2010

...drums, bass and screaming

Bitches - Winner from PEACE BITCHES on Vimeo.

With 1234 coming up this weekend and it being the first festival this summer with all three of the SM crew in attendance, it only seemed proper that we mention some of of the bands gracing the Shoreditch fields. First up is a quick mention for local duo Bitches.

We came across this boy-girl/bass and drums screaming duo Bitches supporting Double Dagger at Rest Is Noise in Brixton and fair to say sharing a stage with Double Dagger is never going to be easy. I seem to remember enjoying the monologue in between songs more than tracks. This, I'm now sure, had more to do with the limited sound checking faculties of the venue (I remember Cold Pumas really struggling there too) because since finally getting hold of the riotous, ragged riffed, stripped back track Can Not Love I've been forced into reassessment. Its fun, simple, straight to the point stuff, perfect for Saturday frolics in a field, as the bonkers vid for Winner above will testify. I'm sure the open air of Shoreditch will be kinder than Brixton's enclosed spaces.

Bitches - Can Not Love

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