Saturday 10 July 2010

I Can't Feel My Legs

Jesus Christ. Seriously? What the fuck am I supposed to do with you, huh? Fuck…

That is pretty much my initial inner monologue when first listening to Twin Stumps’ 2nd LP Seedbed. One of the most visceral, distorted, nihilistic messes Ive heard in a while, Seedbed writhes on a sea of post-millenial despair and angst, gnashing its fangs maniacally, eyes rolled up into its many heads, only the whites showing, foam flecked lips– its pretty much like taking David Yow and vomiting acid all over him before castrating him and feeding him to starving pigs.
In short, its fucking amazing.

Don’t get me wrong though – its dark as fuck, and can make you feel more than a little dirty. But the beauty of this album is how unrelenting it is in its unlikeability –and in so doing, becomes endurable and inherently likeable. The sonic brawl that is ‘Landlord’, to the roaring dirge of ‘Missing Persons’ and creepy surging white noise of ‘Lungs’ to the incessant rolling drone underpinning ‘Pigs at the Trough’ - it all combines to create a dire landscape that we nonetheless feel impelled to inflict upon ourselves. Its so primal and fear inducing – dripping menace – and yet its somewhere we want to go on our holiday. Fuck Butlins (fuck Butlins for a holiday anyway– unless its ATP…), I want to make sandcastles with Twin Stumps, before the whole shit goes down.

Or maybe its just me…

Seedbed is out now via Fan Death.

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