Thursday 29 July 2010

Parting With The Chimp?

Its been a hectic week for me - and will be a hectic month, and none of it in a good way - so even though the posts come thick and fast, a few slip through the keeper. One I really meant to do was to promote a gig thats on tonight at the Luminaire - twas meant to be a TODD headliner, but now the honours go to Rock Action stalwarts Part Chimp, ably supported by Sloath and the aforementioned very exciting up and comers Gum Takes Tooth. Its going to be a loud one for all you noise fantasists out there, but is somewhat special for a rather sad reason. Rumour has it that Part Chimp are parting ways come year's end. This is a massively sad state of affairs, and Ill try to find out more. But in the meantime, this is a song that a few of my friends really enjoy, and get yourself down there, 8 squid on the door.

Part Chimp - 30 Billion People

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