Monday 12 July 2010

Gum takes all teeth

Strange thing, that Glastonbury festival. You can always guarantee that you'll miss something, the place is that big. Plus you can always guarantee that you'll miss something that you never thought you could see at Glasto. Gum Takes Tooth have to take the honors for being the one band I missed at this year's Somerset dust bowl that I would have definitely seen had I know they were playing, but to be honest, I don't think I would have believed you if you told me that a noise band of Gum Takes Tooth's ferocity was gracing Pilton Farm's usually softer sided festival. I should have known better.

The reason for my gutted state of mind is that quite simply Gum Takes Tooth has to be one of the most exciting bands I've heard all year. Any band that can lure the talents of Shit and Shine drummer Valentina Magaletti as a second live drummer has to make you sit up and take notice, plus when you read that this immediate, unnerving, trashing beast of noise uses no guitars, bass, keyboards, or laptops but instead physically wires drummer Thomas Fuglesang into home grown electronic instruments, mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore, it all starts to sound too insane for words. A noise beast from the dense and expansive depths of our sick lost Glastonbury past, soon to be our future I'm sure.

The duo/live trio have a 7" Young Mustard out on Adaadat, mine hasn't turned up yet but other tracks below should give you a fair idea...

Gum Takes Tooth - Tannkj√łtt
Gum Takes Tooth - Strychnine Motive


  1. Holy fuckballs. This is amazing Paul. Why arent they doing a London gig, huh?

  2. We are... at the Luminaire on the 29th of july. With Todd, Part Chimp, Sloath, Drumcunt... It's a pretty great lineup. x gtt

    ps. thanks for the kind words paul