Friday 28 October 2011

Friday Cover Up - Chelsea Lets Nick's Wolf In

So we reach another week's end - thank fuck, amiright??? SO I have something special for you. I have mentioned Chelsea Wolfe in the past - she is pretty damned incredible. Well she has done a cover rendition of the seminal Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 'I Let Love In'. I'm in love with this lady, so this seemed like a no-brainer. And guess what? Smashed outta the park...

Chelsea Wolfe - I Let Love In (Nick Cave cover)

Dancing With The Devil On The Pale Beach Sand...

Recorded in a one room church in rural Wisconsin and at The Old Blackberry Way in Minneapolis, the self-titled EP from Minneapolis artiste Devil On The Beach (Neil Weir from The Chambermaids, who we caught on Hits From The Box last month, and he runs the Old Blackberry Way, which is rather convenient) is an ambient tour de force. Its a simple construction - Weir only had a Fender Jazzmaster, some pedals and a treated analog drum machine - the end result is an adroit exercise in concise emancipation.


Well, at under fifteen minutes in length, there is a languidity to these four tracks that washes you away then rolls you back, the ebb and flow of a sonic tide, at once lulling, tranquil and ominous. Its an impressive effort, one guaranteed to have you on the repeat button incessantly.

Grab Devil On The Beach here.

Devil On The Beach - Side 2
Devil On The Beach - Side 3

Swim Naked, Get Dreamy, Lose Your Head

Ah dreampop. Our love/hate, passionate/destructive carnal/spiritual relationship continues. Lucky for Florida's Saskatchewan, there's a fair bit of sexual healing in the air when I listen to their Skinny Dipping 7". The connection everyone makes is that of Beach House, and I can see that. Yet I'm not that much of a BH fan, and I really dig this. Their dream gazing vocals, organ like keyboards, and a reverberating guitar riff is intoxicating.

You can get this and their other 7" Nice Daze (the word daze - of course!) here.

Saskatchewan - Skinny Dipping

Saskatchewan - Cabin Fever

Thursday 27 October 2011

Idolising a Waxen Future

Awesomeness abounds when throwing on this 7" (through the inimitable HoZaC) by SF punks Wax Idols. These formidable female-fronted pop wonders are not who you may already believe or expect. Led by the ex-Hunx & His Punx (meh), Bare Wires (rad) and member of CastleFace Records' Blasted Canyons (awesome) Heather Fedewa (aka Hether Fortune), Wax Idols "straddle the line between ripping tough/tender post-punk/goth-pop, and irresistibly anthemic indie rock hooks, somewhat like Joan Jett would sound like tearing through Best Coast with a chainsaw." Note the quotations? Not my comment. But Hozac press dude, I agree entirely. There is something wholly enthralling by seeing women take back punk from the faux-rockers, yet infuse it with a narcotically addictive sense of melody. These girls have it in spades. No Future is the LP - but it's a misnomer when you consider what these girls might be capable of.

No Future is available here - its well worth the purchase, let me tell you! Also, check out Fortune's band-led tumblr site here, its pretty ace.

Wax Idols - Dead Like You
Wax Idols - Gold Sneakers

Get Your Cat Cat Snack Attack

Here's one for ya!

in a ploy to fully capitalise on the current hipster trend of hearting cats to fucking death, Melbourne cruisy kids Cat Cat have a track out that might get you excited (or at least push the crappy weather away for awhile), all in lieu of their debut LP Uralba that comes out on the killer Dream Damage label on Tuesday! Its so laid back as to almost be comatose, in a fun-loving, let the good summer times in the park quaffing red kinda way. I think this album will have some exciting numbers in store for us...

Cat Cat - Keys & Locks Don't Work

Turning Circles In Inner Islands

Another two releases worth mentioning out of the Inner Islands stable - and as always, they are damn good. The circle turns once more...

The first is From a Stone by WYLD WYZRDZ. The album is a peaceful blend of electronics and organics combining simple steady rhythms, field recordings and vocal chants along with various melodic instruments (dulcimer, flute, strum stick, bass, guitar, keys). Exactly what you would expect from a WYLD WYZRDZ release, sure, but if it ain't broke...

The second is a re-release of Sandpaintings by Stag Hare. This album was originally released on Moon Dial last year, the album shows SH's more reserved, languid side. One track per side - perfect for drifting away.

Both albums are on sale on cassette and digital download via Inner Islands here.

Stag Hare - Holy Person


No Muted Hall For The Angels

Sonoptik are making a name for picking up great sound artists. I mentioned last week the new Secret Birds release - well, here is another one that almost slipped through the cracks (and the artist has played with Secret Birds in the past, thanks Secret Birds!)

Tom Hall is also from Brisbane, although he now calls LA home. He has/had a great noise industrial instrumental project called AXXONN that I managed to catch a couple times at the beginning of the year before he made his exodus. A swirling mix between Jesu, My Bloody Valentine and Coil (can you tell I'm a fan?), AXXONN was a force to be reckoned with. However there were ambient moments amongst the fiery darkness, and its these shades of light that Hall's latest effort under his own name, Muted Angels, attacks.

Thick, sparse, melodic, drone, noise, ambiance - none are my words, yet Muted Angels claims them. The album is supposedly inspired by life’s mysteries, cruel happenings and wondrous surprises, with Hall striving to represent these intangible moments and emotions through sound, particularly sound derived from an in depth studio practice that he describes as “trying to find the sweet spot in a speaker cone just before it tears”. He does that with alarming regularity across all his guises, but it is more nuanced here. A true innovator amongst the experimental noise realm.

Grab Muted Angels here. Watch a clip and grab the mp3 of '4 Seconds Of Emotion' below. Let Hall spirit you away.

Tom Hall - 4 Seconds Of Emotion from Sonoptik on Vimeo.

Tom Hall - 4 Seconds of Emotion

Frank Fairfield Fiddles; Anonymeye's Adroit Anontendres

I have a couple of juicy little tidbits coming from local muso/promoter/tech wizard/all round good guy Andrew Tuttle to throw your way today.

Firstly he is organising a tour for the amazing young American bluegrass/old-time musician Frank Fairfield in December. He's going to be playing Meredith Festival and eight headline shows along the East Coast in December, including shows in Brisbane (Syncretism at Judith Wright Centre on Thurs 15/12, supported by Ryan Francesconi [USA, Drag City label, member of Joanna Newsom's band and arranger of her last album. Show is a
co-presentation with Tuttle's label Room40) and Gold Coast (The Sound Lounge on Fri
16/12, supported by Laneway from the Coast, and Anonymeye). Fairfield, impossibly young in comparison to his age-old sermons on life and the wilderness from a bygone Southern era, released Out On The Open West, which really showcases this burning talent. There's heaps
of tour info available at

Frank Fairfield - Poor Old Lance

The second piece of info surrounds Tuttle's solo project, Anonymeye. He recently released Anontendre (on Room40's avant-pop offshoot, Someone Good). He may be a great ambassador for experimental music from all over the world, but what he creates individually is something to behold. Using his usual (don't confuse with traditional) template of acoustic guitar, signal processing, synthesisers, and effects units, Anontendre is a work of art, an ambient sojourn into the off-kilter world that lies beneath the cosmopolis of everyday life, its gentle folk inflections augmented by the digital intrusions. Its a fantastic listen - a melodious composition that marries varying sonic realms with relative ease, creating a gossamer waterfall of elegiac soundwaves. You can grab it from the Room40 store here.

Anonymeye - Federation

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Toads Giving Birth = Psychotropic Yet Awkward

Birthgiving Toad - from that title alone I knew I was leaving Planet Earth for a while. On the Danish solo artist's For Awkward Company record, you will be treated to some seriously warped rock - like Yes, if they were rather found of licking a - yep, got it! - birthgiving toad. Its a gross thought. The album, though, is very interesting, hallucinogenic, and overall a bit of fun (and a Sly & the Family Stone cover to boot! Yea, you have no idea what's been tossed into the blender on this one...)

(And if you are wondering why I have a picture of Australian rugby union fullback Kurtley Beale here, it's because I typed in birthgiving toad into google pics, and amidst the gross anatomical process of toads giving birth there was this one. I laughed for quite some time. That is all. The actual album cover, and a couple tracks, are below).

Birthgiving Toad - Waxtipede
Birthgiving Toad - Tiny Rocker

Ding Dong, Post Rock Is Not Dead!

Pan hail from South Carolina, and are all about claiming post-rock back. The much maligned genre is the dumping ground for basically any band that plays without vocals nowadays, and a lot of bands are quite vocal about not wanting it tagged to their creative outlet. So I'm all for Pan claiming it, even if its tongue in cheek. Their debut EP is titled Post Rock Is Not Dead, and it finds an amazing middle ground between the ebullient, effortlessly fun sounds of Fang Island with the grandiose sounds of obvious touchstones Explosions In The Sky - and there isn't much in the way of grandstanding, posturing or pilfering to be found. Its a solid release all round, and seeing as I love me my instrumentals, that is an infinitely good thing!

Pan - Seeking (the Sea King)

Grab Post Rock Is Not Dead here!

Time To Get Your Beaks Crushed

We have another shimmering noise shoegaze pop band from London. And yep, they're good too.

Duo Matt Poile and Alex Morris, better known as Crushed Beaks. Having formed in 2010 through a shared love of Italian horror films (and seriously, haven't we all fallen a bit harder for someone when they get their Fulci hard-on?), Crushed Beaks set about putting their fuzzy wall of melodic noise to record. Their mixture of relentless, pounding drums and salacious, swirling melodies found the two creating a live force to be reckoned with, yet they have chosen their first single proper to take the step into different surroundings to their DIY recording norm. Whilst the guitars were kept in their natural Wendy House environment, the drums were taken to New Cross’ Zion Chapel where they were given the somehow ghostly strength the songs so demanded. It really pays dividends, as you can hear below.

They are set to release their debut single proper through the Too Pure Singles Club on November 21st in the form of ‘Close-Ups/Sun Dogs’. It's the B-side we have streaming below. It's pretty fucking awesome, I'm sure you'd agree! The vinyl will be white, thus luscious, and can be pre-ordered right now.

Sun Dogs by Crushed Beaks

HITSing Out For Our Third Mere Noise Post

Time for a look at another Mere Noise artist that will be destroying at the Mere Noise Meltdown in December...and who better than those face-melting miscreants HITS.

HITS played a support show with New York Dolls last week - and that pretty much sums up this band. They murdered that gig, laying it on thick with their thundering, shredding, strutting, "fuckyeahs" and guitar caterwauls. These guys have always thrown every inch of their shit at the wall to see what sticks, and have lost none of their energy (if a few pints of sweat and blood). Its timely too, as the five balltearers have a new release forthcoming - and there is a sweet deal in the mix for it! Entitled the "Smoke Em Like You Got Em Deal", you can pre-order their new 'Gates Of Steel' single which is on a split 7" with Dimi Dero Inc's 'Unfair Enough' - and get a bonus ashtray that's been made out of the initial dud pressing! Head over here to get onto that - it is also HITS' first Bandcamp outing, so they are kinda getting all technologified (but not really).

In other news they have a new 7" in the works and a European tour planned for 2012 - Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain at this stage. All of which bodes well for the future - if you're into a future that will be blackened by rock cliche, evil grins and double entendres...which, let's face it, we all wish for.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Dead Luke Reminds Us Of The Midwest

Dead Luke is bringing out an album, Meanwhile in the Midwest, something I was unaware of until last week because - well, Id never heard of Dead Luke. He is a one-man psychedelic blueshound powerhouse. Its a woozy drugged-out bliss bomb of a record. Together, they become well worth your time. You can grab it from Moon Glyph right here.

Dead Luke - "God Of Nothing by Moon Glyph

Dead Luke - "Paranoia Is A Flower Of The Mind" by Moon Glyph

I Love Laura 1200 Times Over

Here is an album that I didn't even know I was looking forward to!

Melbourne instrumental act Laura put out two great albums in the mid-2000s, Mapping Your Dreams and Radio Swan is Down, as well as live album (re)Capitulate. I came to the band from this last release and fell in love with these ambient rockers, quickly working backwards through these two albums. I then promptly went overseas and thought that was it - all was quiet on the Laura front. It appears that life got in the way - but Laura didn't disappear into the ether. Releasing EP Yes Maybe No in 2008 (obviously I missed that one), its taken over five years (or as band member Andrew puts it, it'll have been 191 million heartbeats) but a new longplayer is on its way - Twelve Hundred Times.

As complex and cinematic as ever, Laura are bringing forth their best album to date, and they are bringing it north to Brisbane, playing Woodland on Saturday November 19. Some of you may recognise the date - that is also when the massive Harvest festival touches down, featuring the likes of Flaming Lips, Mogwai and Portishead amongst its many amazing artists that will be on board. This really hurts for us Laura fans, but the band are intending to go on as late as possible in case you want to catch one more stellar performance that evening. There are efforts afoot to get em to play an early all ages instore on the Sunday - I will keep you posted on that venture. In the meantime, if you aren't going to Harvest, this is THE show to get to. Twelve Hundred Times is available now.

Laura - This Grey Earth

Torch(e)ing Part Of The Dying Chimp

Its with much sadness that this release comes out. Whilst its an excellent one - a 12" tour split between Scotsmen Part Chimp and US mentalists Torche (plus they play Guided By Voices covers!!!), it marks the second last release that we will get from the Glasgow noise merchants, what with them pulling up stumps in the New Year. Chunklet are the fine folks that are putting this out, and its a special one. The story is thus:

"Five years ago, during SXSW, Chunklet put on a 20 band bill in two parking lots in north Austin. Two bands met and became immediate fans of each other. Torche, who were still a brand new band and at SXSW at Chunklet's request, and Part Chimp, the noise titans from London who were touring the States for the second time. And well, on that steamy tarmac, a love affair was born. Almost immediately thereafter, we all started discussing a split release featuring the two bands, and sadly, it takes the pending dissolution of Part Chimp to make it happen. Yes, this is the final Part Chimp release here in the States and the penultimate worldwide."

Sad, right? But at least this thing exists! Part Chimp turn in two scorchers, 'Dr. Horse' and 'The Watcher', while Torche send a love letter to the boys from Dayton and cover three GBV songs ('Exit Flagger', 'Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy' and 'Postal Blowfish').

But the awesomeness does not stop there! You get a colour vinyl with the cover artwork (featuring Gorillas and Yeti's fighting in a future we'll hopefully never witness) done by the world-renowned sci-fi illustrator Trevor Claxton. That's the art that lies above and below us, gang! Furthermore, that amazing looking type was hand drawn by Nolen Strals from Post-Typography and Double Dagger, another band that has just called it a day (one of the best bands I have ever seen - sigh...).

I hope you are planning on getting your mitts on this one! Grab it here before it all runs out!!

Have a listen to Part Chimp's 'The Watcher' and Torche's version of 'Exit Flagger' here.

Monday 24 October 2011

Don't Hibernate In Lagoon Of Youth...

Ive mentioned Idaho resident Trevor Powers AKA Youth Lagoon before. His track 'Montana' (and brilliant accompanying video clip) is jaw-droppingly good, and I was highly anticipating his debut record, The Year Of Hibernation. And its pretty damn great, with the elements prevalent on that track - lush instrumentation, deeply echoed vocals that sit on the precipice between wide-eyed, youthful hope, and a tensely growing storm of fear and anxiety about the world at large. The problem is that these are in place on EVERY song, so the effect dissipates over the album's entirety. Nevertheless, these tracks on their own are amazing. Personal favourites include the first two, 'Afternoon' and 'Cannons' - but this could also be because they are the first two, before the familiarity of the construction breeds contempt. Powers is a talented guy, no question, and the fact that this discards much of the lo-fi obscurities that most bedroom wanderers insist on utilising is definitely worthy.

The Year of Hibernation is out through Fat Possum - get it here.

Youth Lagoon - Montana
Youth Lagoon - The Hunt

A Wild International Freak Folk Creek Party

I received an email from New York tribal/experimental folk act Wild International. They claim their influences include bands such as Akron/Family, Animal Collective, and Keepaway - and from the opening moments of 'Creeks', their leading single off their forthcoming EP it isnt hard to see why. The running water and warped whistling evokes early AC, whilst the jangly Americana-flavoured guitar and hushed drums are definitely in the AF mold.

Creeks by wildinternational

Totally Slack At Thrashin'

I spoke of New York band Total Slacker a little while back, stating that their track 'Psychic Mesa' was one of the best tracks Id heard this year (see here). That statement is still holding up, especially as it hits the conscience as the opening track of their new LP Thrashin' (out on Marshall Teller Records). The album itself is pretty decent, with some stellar songs that rival 'Psychic Mesa' and that play back towards the greater sounds of the early 90s. The entire album, and band's modus operandi, is a loving homage and pastiche of all things indie circa 93 (they even have a track called 'Stuck in '93', and another titled 'Secret VHS Collection'). It doesn't always work - Tucker Rountree's vocals on 'Life On Easy Street' grate pretty quickly, like within the first twenty seconds or so; and some of the references read more like a hipster reference guide. That is the thing - Thrashin' treads that fine line between having fun with the slacker ennui and culture of the 90s, yet also adhere to wear these influences like a perfectly placed Dinosaur Jr pin (Cheetos, Myspace and New Kids On The Block are referenced in the 1st three lines of 'Magical Date Night'). However in the main Total Slacker stave off an overt claim of pretension by creating continually catchy hooks, some effective vocal harmonies, and that killer opening track.

Grab Thrashin' here.

Total Slacker - Psychic Mesa
Total Slacker - Stuck in '93

Eternal Mood Exorcism Rings

Double Phantom Records put out this 7" by Atlanta band Mood Rings. It offers two slices of spangly psych pop that swims in the waters that Robert Smith might have bathed in had he been a little more cheery. 'Promise Me Eternity' is languid to the point of standing still, awash with shimmering instrumentation that evokes Instagram photos that wash a picnic photo in pastel shades of sunlight. On the flip side "Exorcised Painting' is a short punchy number, the guitar and drums punching through into another realm. Its an ace couple of tracks (particularly enamoured with 'Exorcised Painting'), you get your mitts on it here. Have a listen below and see what you think...

Mood Rings - Promise Me Eternity
Mood Rings - Exorcised Painting

Sunday 23 October 2011

The Zoltars Offer Filmic Album

Here's some A/V intricacies to see out your Sunday. The band - Austin outfit The Zoltars. The clip - a "visual album" called Broken Rimbaud. The video was filmed by band member Jared’s brother and is 27 minutes of un-interrupted, pleasantly hypnotic Zoltars goodness. its pretty ace, and deserved of the Sunday shutout post. See ya guys and gals!

Hits From The Box #38 - Mag Lev Presents...Eclecticisms Anonymous

I'm not gonna lie to ya - this week's Hits From The Box is pretty random. However, I had built this entire post around one release - Mag Lev's Snakes - and the rest I jumped on as soon as they nicked at a possible hook. As is my way, I then put my six choices into a playlist to roll forth as I write, which usually takes me an hour (seriously). This one floated in a really weird way, yet the more I listened the more I really dug the weird realms every artist inhabits. I cannot really explain just where this playlist took me, or where it will lead you - just that it was a real experience. Hopefully you will too. (and again, sorry to play favourites - but Mag Lev is pretty awesome...)

I'm really happy to be opening with the one-man band otherwise known as Devereaux. A heady mixture of Trans Am and Ratatat, with some futuristic Battles bent used to oil the joints, Devereaux creates predominantly instrumental sojourns through a TRON-like landscape, albeit with a Skynet like entity watching from the skies.

Devereaux - Espejo
Devereaux - NYXT

Continuing down the slightly metallic, cyborg-straddling route, we come across Appalache. Appalache Goes America 2.0 creates weird warped faux folk psych meanderings, like a long lost recording found in a time capsule that has been baked in the ground. Bursting forth from the mind of Parisian Julien Magot, whilst touring southern US o A, its an intriguing 12+ minutes of eclectic electric.

Appalache - Appalache Goes American 2.0

Lefse Records are responsible for putting out young band Children of Pop's latest (apparently only) track. The Houston bedroom wanderers are individualistic in that they openly proclaim themselves as a chillwave project. Before you run away like your face is on fire, though, check out 'Charge' - its a warm slice of somnambulist pop that soars right over preconceptions and makes you believe that there are decent acts that delve into these sonic realms...possibly... (Really like the woozy lyrics too).

Children Of Pop - Charge

I know it sounds like I'm being sponsored today, but I can ASSURE THAT IS NOT HAPPENING (unfortunately - I would totally take the money and run). Mag Lev has actually been a follower of this blog for quite a while - you will see his tag on a few comments here and there. So when he sent me his EP I was obliged to give it a spin (not that I don't at least dabble in all songs sent my way...). I am pleased to say I really, really dig Snakes, his 4 track EP of instrumental noodlings. It isn't psych; it isn't krautrock; it isn't electronica; its all of these, and none. its actually pretty fucking great though, so thanks for the comments Mag (yep, totes on first name basis), but thanks even more for these songs - they are ace of base!

Mag Lev - Bones

I didn't think I would like this EP, but there is something about this that worked for me. Mellzo is a London based beatmaker that plays with Bollywood trip-hop... I'm just saying this, I have no idea what I'm listening to. This seriously would not normally click with me, but there is something about this compositions that really work.

Mellzo - Nght Lng

Finishing up what has been a very eclectic HFTB with what has been called "the worst band ever created". Now I'm pretty sure Ive seen or at least heard many artists that deserve to be at the bottom of a mass grave more than The Korps, I can tell you! But when these guys came out in the late 70s, they were slammed - yet their album Hello World! was praised. So I should be giving this more than a spot here, because I could write heaps on just this topic alone. But I actually don't dig it as much as others say I should. Still, there are some killer punk tracks here - below are two of em...

Korps - Winner By Elimination
Korps - Beat The Beats


Saturday 22 October 2011

Hazed Dreams Make Me Psychically Ill

Psychic Ills have developed a suitable hazy release on Sacred Bones called - wait for it - Hazed Dream. The New Yorkers are tripping further and further out on the light fantastic, picking up static and foreign signals that will fry your supply as you get high on said supply. Tres Warren sounds half-asleep, which is perfect for these REM dream patterns.

The man’s own explanation says as much as a dozen press releases could, even if he says relatively little: “Some developments in our lives led to new approaches. The music came out the old fashioned way… a way that had been avoided for a while. It was about putting some words to some chords and keeping it simple. Getting back to something. Feeling a feeling. Shaking out the NY brain boil. Movin’ away from some old bad vibes, by creating some new good ones. Dreaming out the bad. Takin’ it easy on ourselves, and those around us. This album lives in a sunny place. A half memory. A hazed dream.”

Hazed Dream can be grabbed here. If you hurry you can get a hand-numbered limited edition vinyl release that includes hand-silk-screened wrap-around sleeve, insert and wax seal.

Psychic Ills - Midnight Moon
Psychic Ills - Sungaze

An Emerald Refusing To Get Lost

Mark McGuire continues to be stupidly prolific. Not content with having two of the best albums of 2010 (Emeralds' Does It Look Like I'm Here? and the amazing Living With Yourself under his own name), the guitarist has Get Lostready to drop (it's out through Editions Mego - you can get it here...) As always, the jawdropping element of these droning suites is the fact that McGuire is an insanely gifted guitarist, his major key plucking augmented by the synth burbles and recorded bursts that lie underneath. The fact that it becomes a cocoon to wrap yourself in and hibernate the winter away is proof in the pudding that this kid knows exactly what he's done, and he insists on doing it well - and he's only getting better.

Mark McGuire - Get Lost
Mark McGuire - When You're Somewhere

Friday 21 October 2011

Triple Friday Cover Up - Loving Someone With Wet Hair Down By The Water

Ah, the week's end. Its a beautiful thing. So let's end it with a triple treat of covers!

I mentioned earlier in the month the lovely Cheyenne Marie Mize and her incumbent release We Don't Need. What we have here is her reworking of a classic PJ Harvey tune. Seeing as PJ has had a stellar 2011 with her award-smashing Let England Burn, it goes without saying that she doesnt need any more exposure :). But this is a lovely rendition, and makes me even more excited to see Mize in the live arena.

Cheyenne Marie Mize - Down By The Water (PJ Harvey cover)

Ive started taking hellish commuter trips to my new workplace - two bus trips that has me up and hailing public transport at 6am. With the iPod back in action, its been funny that my shuffle keeps landing on noisy duo Japandroids, particularly 'Darkness On The Edge Of Gastown' off their Lullaby Death Jams EP. Ive also been enjoying Teen Daze's 'The Harvest' - seriously, this dude is really putting it out there. Whilst I cant claim my iPod has developed cognitive powers and smooshed these two together, maybe the vibes have echoed across the cosmos, with Teen Daze trying his hand at Japandroids' 'Wet Hair'.

Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids cover)

Finally, a warped do-over. Raw Moans doesn't do things by halves, forcibly etching his personality on every cover he attacks. As you may remember he has been working on Safe Sex, a concept album that retools songs by musicians that were affected by HIV/AIDS. The album will be released on vinyl through Los Angeles label Living Tapes very soon, but in the meantime, get a fix with the cover of Queen's 'Somebody 2 Love'.

Raw Moans - Somebody 2 Love (Queen cover)

The weekend will be filled with posts on Psychic Ills, Mark McGuire and the next instalment of Hits From The Box - no rest for the wicked! Nevertheless, beers will be consumed. Enjoy the break kids!

Back And Forth With The Skull Defekts

It really is a psych-tastic day, what with the awesome local flavourings of Dreamtime and the incredible, INCREDIBLE Vision Fortune paving the way before us. But Im not finished there, no way Jose! For Ive received an suitably eclectic but altogether radtastic release from the Thrill Jockey stable, for my friends in haze, The Skull Defekts.

The Skull Defekts have a new 12" EP coming out next month. Recorded during their US tour earlier this year, The Skull Defekts for this recording includes Daniel Higgs and Zomes (Asa Osborne). 2013-3012 features three new tracks; the B-side presents those songs played in reverse and reverse-cut, starting from the inner-most groove and playing out toward the edge of the record. United by a common belief in the power of music and sound, The Skull Defekts and Zomes soon found themselves performing together, and when a show was cancelled during the tour, recording together for an explosive and extremely creative one day session. The cover features artwork by Daniel Higgs.

The track below is actually an amalgam of the track 'Children of the Skull Defekts' and its mirror image 'Stkefed Lluks Eth Fo Nerdlihc', which gives you an amazing idea of what this release entails. I love these guys, and Higgs' involvement with them - their album Peer Amid is one of my favourites of the year (check out my thoughts here). The band are joining many of my favourite bands at the inimitable Supersonic Festival in Birmingham tonight for three days - Barn Owl, White Hills, Eternal Tapestry, Part Chimp, Mike Watt, Bardo Pond - fucking incredible, right?

The Skull Defekts - Childrenerdlihc

This Fortune Cookie Is Visionary!

Vision Fortune are two brothers spirits from London, UK, who have a great 7" out that is a little hard to explain - but Ill try. When i listened to 'Black Coral' and 'Void Of The Valley', it was as if Id wandered into a Middle Eastern confectionery store, eaten a whole lot of havla laced with barbiturates procured from Britain circa 1973, and then listened to the Dirtbombs played at quarter pace. That is a ridiculous analogy, I know, but there really is something otherworldly about these drone-centric concoctions - there is some Sun City Girls in there, some King Crimson, but it is truly incredible and stands on its own. Im a massive fan, and absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on more of this sweet, hallucinogenic candy - bad for you in so many ways, but the most addictive thing on earth...

Black Coral/Voids Of The Valley comes out next week - pre-order this from Mannequin here.

MNQ 019 Vision Fortune - Black Coral / Void of the Valley 7'' by Mannequin Label

Dreamtime/The Rational Academy/Secret Birds - An Aural Triptych Feast

Seeing as I was doing posts about these three bands independently, and they are playing a show together tomorrow night, I may as well do it all now in a massive post, right? Strap yourselves in folks...

I cannot believe that I saw Secret Birds for the first time only this year. Admittedly Ive seen them about five times now, and never has one gig truly resembled the others. Their brand of undulating noise has ebbed and flowed over the course of their releases, hence such a disparity in their live sets, and this is once more prevalent in their latest release, Moon Clouds Infinite (out through Sonoptik). The sonic ambiance on display on the two sides of this record are a little less schizophrenic, yet showcase the reflections of noise and its denizens to beautiful effect.

Secret Birds - Part II

The Rational Academy are a band that have also been honing their craft in the Brisbane music scene and abroad for over a number of years and a plethora of releases. The latest - a small collection of cassettes detailing a stellar show they did at Brisbane's inimitable sweathole and musical palace The Zoo back in September (you can buy it, along with a tee, for $20 here). New songs, drastically remodelled oldies, it bodes well for the ever-evolving future of Ben Thompson and his battle-hardened brothers in arms...

The party though is all about enthusiastic psych-os (is that even possible? Or appropriate?) Dreamtime and the release of their debut LP. Ill be picking this bad boy up on vinyl for sure - its a stellar, assured debut that has as its highlight a space jam about Gympie (although no reference to the Muster...shame...). Seeing as it was cut with the help of Donovan Miller, he of No Anchor and the brilliant song about another Qld country town Gatton, this comes as no surprise.

Come on down to The Waiting Room tomorrow from 8pm!!