Thursday 15 July 2010

Bolt Out Of The Blue

I received a nice email a few weeks ago from Alex Vald, who goes under a number of names, but for the sake of this post the important one is Lextrical. He has an album out, Heavy Lextricity, that expands on Lextrical's experimentations in electronica. Here's a take on the album from the horses mouth...
Heavy Lextricity is available for download now. Whether you plan on 
going to space, but might not make it to the moon, are interested in buying a 
solar panel suit, would like to liberate fairies from a chain gang, wonder 
what it would be like to sail aboard a robo-ghost ship, are thinking about the 
care of animatronic dinosaurs, or simply have concerns about flowers being
illicitly removed from the park, then this is quite possibly the 
lextronica you’ve been waiting for. 
I find the whole venture very interesting, and whilst not all songs appeal to me I really enjoyed the elastic nature of 'Spool' in particular. The guest vocalists on some of the tracks add further elements of ambience to the album.

What I also like about this artist is their constant experimentation with the medium. In Lextrical's case a project is underway where he posts every day a music 'bean' with some sort of visual stimulus connected to it - check it out here.

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