Monday 12 July 2010

Oneida's Dr Jekyll

And here is the second Oneida-influenced post of the day!

People of the North is a collaboration of Kid Millions and Bobby Matador, with a revolving door of musicians lending a hand since 2002 (including most of Oneida's past and present roster). In fact some of the PotN compositions have morphed into Oneida staples ('Lavender' is probably the most obvious instance of this). The music is in many ways business as usual here - but a little more compact, more bite-size chocolate bar than a chocolate carry bag. However you want to sell it, if you like hedonistic psych-rock that revels in taking everything beyond the ether, the outer reaches, and keeps going - then you'll love this stuff. Ive loved these guys for a couple years now, and my adoration will never wane.

People of the North's latest output is Deep Tissue, a pulsing minimalist LP that came out back in April via Jagjaguwar. The below track is from it!

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  1. Dude this is so good, reminds me so much of Preteen Weapon.