Tuesday 13 July 2010

A Melancholic Tremor

Max Richter has done it again.

The multi-instrumentalist/mediast/composer/scorista has had a whirldwind 24 months, what with his award-winning involvement with the great film Waltz With Bashir, and his musical collaborations that litter the not-so-great Shutter Island. Plus his Infra score, whilst being his fifth album proper with Fat Cat, is his first sole soundtrack. This track, 'Infra 3', is breathtaking in its sadness - the melancholia inherent within the piano strokes evokes Yann Tiersen if he was more of a pessimist.

I really love Richter's stuff. I find any of this emotive musical scoring enthralling, and often it allows me to soar rather than wallow - thus the beauty and power of the instrument replete of vocals, thus remaining untarnished and forever open to hopefully unrestricted interpretation. Case in point - Kronos Quartet's seminal work on Aronofsky's Requiem For A Dream takes on a complete different shade when paired with the actions of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings...and so I hope you find Richter. A rich seam of untapped beauty and emotion. Highly recommended.

Max Richter - Infra


  1. His music was used for the BBC two-parter 'Dive', and although brilliant, was used far too much. By the end I just wanted it to stop. Lovely drama though.

  2. Ill have to check it out! Although not sure I want Richter's stuff to be sullied...