Friday 23 July 2010

New Wire In The Blood

Despite what my sister may think, I think Wire are pretty awesome. Sara likes Wire on record, but her assessment of their Primavera performance was less than underwhelming. However, they were one of the first bands I saw when I arrived in the UK, headling the Saturday night of 2008's Offset Festival, and they were brilliant. So I still get excited about any and all news about them - past, present and/or future.

So two itty bitty news bites piqued my interest.

Firstly, they have made available a vast array of bootleg material legally accessible (through their Pinkflag label), as well as reissuing their 2002 comeback album Send, as Send:Ultimate, which features rare material like the 12 Times U vinyl-only collector's item tracks, the unreleased track "DJ Fuckoff," plus alternate and album tracks from the two out-of-print Read and Burn EPs that didn't make it onto the original Send.

Secondly, the rumours persist that Wire will put out new material very soon - if not by Christmas, then in the shadow of the New Year. So get amongst the amazing performances (that probably dont include the aforementioned Primavera experience), and reminisce.

Wire - Fragile
Wire - Champs
Wire - Heartbeat

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