Friday 16 July 2010

Dropping Rohypnol In The Park...and Other Ceremonies

I have no idea what made by this. AT ALL. Hardcore has never really been my cup of tea, even though I like variants of it (eg The Bronx, Fucked Up, Veins). But I found Rohnert Park at Sister Ray and was just drawn to it. Im led to believe that Ceremony were much more hardcore before this album, whereby they have taken a more Black Flag route to their aggressive punk. I can see that parallel. I could also see how in songs like 'The Doldrums' that past Ceremony fans might eviscerate the neighbours' children out of sheer disappointment to the tack their beloved band has taken. Nevertheless, I really like this record. Maybe Im getting angrier in my old age, but I want some violence and I want it now...

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