Monday 9 August 2010

Climbing that Lonely Mountain

Mike Mokotow, got into contact with us a few weeks ago. Ive been uber slack on this front, for his offering, the LP Tales From Lonely Mountain, is a very impressive sound palette of ambience, darkness, loneliness, and light. The sparseness of it all is haunting, and its this that really sells the album - it really sticks with you, paints a vivid picture of stark black-and-whites, and continually strives to hold your attention. On the whole, Mike Mokotow has done exactly that. For me, the silences and gaps are just as resonant as the occasional guitar, deep in the box echoing vocals, layered effects, bongo drums... It all becomes a true soundscape. These two tracks, whilst a sizable sample, do not give Tales From Lonely Mountain enough justice. A new artist to fully immerse yourself in.

Mike Mokotow - Southern Charme
Mike Mokotow - Memory Lane Lullaby


  1. Anonymous10/8/10 18:32

    My name is Joe Watycha. I would like to bench press this review. It is weaker than the great "Lonely Mountain". Life is a bitch and then you're spine decomposes.

  2. Well, glad you like it Joe... Hope a motorised wheelchair isnt too much, because we'll all need one soon...