Tuesday 20 July 2010

Another (slightly older) slice of Youth

With a double dose of Sonic Youth-esque news offered to you earlier today, I thought Id throw another bit o music at the wall and see what stuck. I could have been more on the pulse and posted Thurston Moore's remix of Crystal Castles - but I cant stand those hipster fucks, so this will have to do...

Lee Ranaldo does have his hand in everything. On the eve of last year he, along with Christian Marclay (turntables), Gunter Muller (electronica/percussion), and bagpipe master David Watson (who also offers up some six-string noodling), released an album under the moniker Afternoon Saints. The album was kinda cornily titled The Shirley Jangle. It is one tripped out free form collage, a 2xLP mind melt of scritches, warbles, bleeps and ooze, like an aborted hybrid organism that is still fighting to live - and succeeding. It shouldn't work, but it does. Its hypnotic nature lies in the disparate parts that make up the whole - and the fact that the parts are tied together by some of rock's most eclectic and yet most talented musicians probably has something to do with it...

You can purchase this rare beast of a record here - the 4th side has an etching by Ranaldo - so get buying!!!

Afternoon Saints - Round Trip Trinket

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