Sunday 11 July 2010

Women - A Sight For Sore Eyes

Paul has just posted about the September release of Women's sophomore LP Public Strain. I still remember when I got into the debut album proper - it was only a couple months ago! Id listened to it sporadically, but went over to Paul's to work on the blog, before going to see that infamous Double Dagger @ The Rest Is Noise gig... Anyway, amidst listening to DD's More, Glenn Branca's The Ascension and Sic Alps, I decided to throw Women on - and it raced straight back up the top of my playlist. I still think that Paul's being in the dark about the new album is a travesty - but there is my travesty.

Im more than making amends this Sunday morning however - I have my sweaty mitts on the first taste of Public Strain! Its called 'Eyesore', its the final track of the album, and apparently it is the 'uplifting ballad' that ties the whole thing together...hmm. I think I like that. If this is the positive 'Wind Beneath My Wings' belter, then the rest of the album should be stellar...

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