Tuesday 27 July 2010

Foxy Doll parts

Italy's Kitsunetsuki are set to drop their debut single 'Doll To Doll' in September. Ive been reading as much about these guys as I can, but all I get on various blogs are their press release - which is goddamn lazy. So Ill give you a quick link to the track (below), and just say what I think - that they are quite good, that their name (which roughly stands for a human taking on the possessed state of a fox) is brilliant, and their influences - from Sonic Youth to My Bloody Valentine to Jesus & Mary Chain - are evident and welcomed. Furthermore, Marco Kitsune's Robert Smith-lite looks add some panache to their general 'look' - whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen, although he can at least lay claim to hailing back to a younger, fresh-faced Smith rather than the Smith we've become accustomed to of late. They are planning some UK shows to support this, so that's exciting too. Check em out.

Doll To Doll - Kitsunetsuki by Sainted PR

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