Thursday 29 July 2010

Drum Eyes Wide Open

I think I've now seen Drum Eyes live, I think, but Gira Gira is the first time that I've had the pleasure of really listening properly to the insane creative maelstrom that is DJ Scotch Egg's Drum Eyes, and frankly that's a crime I should pay a heavy toll for. When I've seen Drum Eyes they've been playing a supporting role and they've been supporting some big hitters, Lightning Bolt for example, and at the time I must admit I was a touch distracted by the great masks drum god himself, but enough of my short comings, Gira Gira...

Out on Upset the Rhythm, (who else?) Gira Gira is frankly a twisted and ridiculous record, throwing nearly everything from krautrock, to punk, to ambience, to thrash, and back again, into melting pot of doom laden insanity. You could tell me that every one of the six slices of craziness on this L.P was by a different band and I would completely believe you. But at the same time it works solely as a whole, creating one twisted all consuming musical beast, that will leave your brain a frazzled mess demanding more. It rockets straight to my top ten of the year. I'm not sure I'll survive repeated listens for others to challenge it. A must.


  1. It sounds like an apocalyptic party... aboard a sinking ship... that was hit by a plane... the plane having been knocked out of the sky by Godzilla moments earlier.

  2. That's spot on but I'm thinking Godzilla is chowing down on pick n' mix wearing a tutu and Bowie face paint!