Sunday 25 July 2010

Spectral Sisters Make A Lot Of Light Noise

Sisters are about to drop their debut LP Ghost Fits (Narnack Records, who have put out stuff for The Fall, Thee Oh Sees and Guitar Wolf, amongst others) late in September. The New York duo look set to continue on the snotty, boisterous ramshackle noise trail with this one, if sixth track 'Highway Scratch' is anything to go by. They certainly have a lot of fun banging pots and pans together, and want us in on the joke. Which is great. I like that bands like Sisters and Japandroids and their ilk can embrace the fun, the hilarity, the exuberance of being young, and somehow instil that into their songs, which then lands into your ear, regardless of ages, and lays eggs of youthful malaise, frivolity and angst into your brain.

Sisters - Highway Scratch

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