Monday 5 July 2010

The Darkness of the Deep Sea

I have been flattered by the requests of bands to have their stuff heard by Sonic Masala (using the emails certainly pays dividends!) And one of the most exciting bands that Ive listened to this week has to go to The Deepsea Goes.

This wont be to everyone's taste - its dark, brooding, viscous stuff, with Paul White's abrasive vocal delivery mining Tom Waits if wailing and gnashing his teeth from the bottom level of Hell. And they are only a two piece - brother and sister to boot!!! (Sara, kick out the jams - The Blue & Red Marbles needs to jump outta dreamworld and into reality...)

They hail from Los Angeles, and I can't help but envisage this as a soundtrack to when the world all goes to hell and everything returns to tribal animalistic life, full of spit, fire, cum and fury. They remind me of an amalgam of two Aussie acts that played together at the Lexington a couple months ago, My Disco and Snowman - and as they are two of my fave small acts, it goes to show why I think The Deepsea Goes are awesome-o. They namecheck as influences, amongst others, Bruce Springsteen, CAN and Sunn O))) - even more awesome-o.

Check out album Oraoneiroi that you can get as a free download on Bandcamp as a clear example of the ferocity that they bring to the fore - then hunt down all of their back catalogue, start a petition and get them over here.

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