Wednesday 7 July 2010

Guerrilla Punk & Parisian beats out of Afrique-a-a-a-a...

Just a quick jot about 2 more bands that have come to our attention via the good ol Sonic Masala tin can and string known as our email.
First cab off the rank is Parisians Bonjour Afrique. 2 guys tinkering with instruments - there's some rock, some abience, some electro dance - it actually reminds me of PVT (see here). I like this track a lot - its off their forthcoming EP...

Bonjour Afrique - Animosity

Secondly is LA's self professed 'guerrilla punks' Hello My Name Is Red. Im sorry guys, but that is one of the worst band monikers Ive heard in a long time. That said, Im adhering to the mantra that I will listen to all music we are sent regardless of initial impressions - and Im glad I did. These guys create music in a very ad hoc style - each song made reflects on a time, place, style, influence. This stands for their live performances too, whereby no rule cannot be broken, no space cannot be sonically accessed, and no person cannot be heard. There are other bands that do this that come to mind - there's a Brisbane band called the Nightcrash who hold onto such aesthetics (and in my opinion are more inventive), to a smaller extent Ponytail. But it is mightily refreshing when a band attempts to embrace such notions. And they pump out a couple of solid tracks along the way!

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