Tuesday 6 July 2010

Dream a Lil Dirty Dream Of Me...

Mr Dream, a three piece outta Brooklyn, have really impressed me with their current track 'Scarred For Life.' I didnt know what to expect from these guys, but the old adage of 'don't judge a book by its cover' certainly paid dividends. Mr Dream deal out short fast thrashy songs full of charm, angst and melody. How do these three fit together? Anyone who is a fan of Mclusky will know that it does, and the result is something quite mesmerising. Im not saying these guys ARE Mclusky or anything, Im just saying that in that short fast loud format Mr Dream have instilled a certain level of warmth to go with their noise. Their touchstones include Jesus Lizard, The Wipers and Talk Normal. And its a lot of fucking fun (by their own admission they formed after all seeing a Jay Reatard gig back 2008 - nuff said).

Scarred For Life is out soon digitally, whilst their EP No Girls Allowed is out now, both via God Mode Records.

Im just dropping down the shop for a knuckle sandwich, anyone want one? We can eat them whilst playing some vintage Punch Out?

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