Tuesday 13 July 2010

I've Got Bogies All Over Me!

Not sure if the Top Gun reference is warranted - most definitely wont be appreciated - but its been said now, cant be unsaid...

Rhode Islanders Arab On Radar are back together, making music, touring and will be painting London black sometime next year. Arab on Radar have been given much of the kudos for reviving no-wave on the cusp of the 2000's, influencing a myriad of tops noise acts such as Lightning Bolt and The Locust. They have some cracker albums, incredibly abrasive and depraved song titles and lyrics, and twisted and deliberately obtuse noise structures, so its exciting to see what these guys will come up with almost a decade on since they walked off into the desert...

1 comment:

  1. No the Top Gun reference most certainly will not be appriciated. But only in the same way that as soon as you claim someone to be an unsung hero, they all of a sudden cease to be one.