Sunday 18 July 2010

Absence Makes The Shadows Longer

Grass Widow are another great band being championed by Upset The Rhythm. See them at Old Blue Last 30th September, where they'll be supported by Dalston masked art punksters Trash Kit. But before you do, pay time to actually delve into Grass Widow (brilliant name by the way, definitions here) and their sound. Through their self-titled EP (through Captured Tracks) and LP (Make A Mess Records), Grass Widow cut a gloriously and heaven-sent swathe through the glut of dream beach pop et al bands by firstly daring to have high production values, and secondly to have genuinely infectious pop hooks and psychedelic whimsy amid their sunny dispositions. This will be further augmented when they release Past Time, which sees them climb the recording ladder another rung by signing to Kill Rock Stars. These San Fransicans could be up to something - combining the hip sensibilities that are all the rage, but steeping it all in the psych leanings that I know and love. And they fucking love the Kinks! That's all I really need to fall into love with a Grass Widow...

Grass Widow - Shadow


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