Tuesday 13 July 2010

Actual witchcraft, Fact!

"Fuck me this is dark! Holy shit this is good!" The most articulate opinion I've ever held of a record but I defy you to not agree after you listen to the LA Vampires & Zola Jesus E.P.

The side project of Nika Rosa Danilova aka Zola Jesus and Pocahaunted's Amanda Brown, it is gothic, psych witchcraft incarnate and the collaboration between Wisconsin gothic vibe and LA's tropical drone psychedelia is truly spellbinding. Brooding drone drenched beats, echoing rich vocals, its got it all. Think a trapped Sister Ray grinding you in dub-heavy voodoo hell and you've just started to get close.

Last night I was thinking that Not Not Fun have been quiet lately, oh how wrong I was 'cos they may have just put out the best E.P of the year. The LA Vampires & Zola Jesus EP is out on Not Not Fun as a 12 inch, limited to 600. I know I use the words 'depth' and 'dark' a lot but this slice of black wax has redefined the meaning of those words. You need this!

LA Vampires & Zola Jesus -Bone Is Bloodstone


  1. Zola Jesus is amazing - I told you so! Have you checked up Stridulum? AND she's playing the same day as Women - fuck!

  2. Anonymous19/7/10 23:09

    Wow! Love this, ta... Clive