Saturday 3 July 2010

Too transparent? Ah, the price of Animal Chemistry...

So many acts are being put into the Animal Collective basket. Which is all well and good, but one has to realise that the combustible material that AC create is so ridiculous in its intricacy and yet transcendent in its innate brilliance that anyone foolhardy to actually attempt likewise compositions are likely to find themselves with more than singed eyebrows - they will be put in stocks and have rotton fruit laced with shards of glass pelted at them from two feet away. Oh, when the arty music world bare their fangs... Still, it is certainly not a bad thing to take a couple of leafs out of their handbook in order to create one's own twisted alchemy. Keepaway have been grandstanded and lamblasted in equal measure for doing just that - and I love those guys.

Another act that is traversing said divide are Glass Vaults, which brings to mind all kinds of magical tomfoolery and Essex-tanned dwarves with murderous tendencies and a sweet tooth to boot. The fact that they hark from New Zealand shouldn't come as a complete surprise - fans of Flying Nun Records, Split Endz and Mint Chicks (plus previous SM postees Jakob) can attest to that - but the experimental quirks and syrup that Animal Collective have woven into celestial gold is augmented here by glacial ambience and tribal elegaics that shows true strength, character and gives a visual pastiche of NZ itself.

This is a great find - I have to say Fridays are being quite fruitful of late (did you listen to Zorch last week??? If you didn't - go do it now! Its close to the funnest thing Ive heard all year!) And if you like, go get the whole Glass EP at their Bandcamp site - double sweet!

Glass Vaults - Forget Me Not

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