Thursday 20 December 2012

A Self Promoting Plea For Attention From Uncle Masala

Hey guys and gals, sorry about my absence over the last month of the year! There is lots of great music that deserves a spotlight - and I will endeavour to do so in at least bite-size chunk at the beginning of 2013 - but Im floating around Europe so my internet access is minimal at best. So Im basically lumping this at your feet - a self-aggrandising "PLEASE VOTE FOR ME" pitch that, if won, will allow me more opportunities to work this blog, and push the bands that I believe deserve it. The competition is for Expedia as they search to broaden their musical horizons, and the other nominees are ballaches (the scientific term Im sure), so I hope you can click the below link and help Sonic Masala out.

Unfortunately you know what I look like now - looks like Ill have to lose the beard and garner a healthy heroin addiction just to stay incognito...

 There will be a couple more posts before the bells toll on 2012, but not before Xmas, so...merry Xmas! And vote below - that is enough of a present for me!