Saturday 3 July 2010

Carrying the load can be Stressful

A little record label got in touch with us a while back called Stress Carrier. Based in Michael Scott country, Scranton Pennsylvania, Stress Carrier do their darnedest to pump out bands that want to create their own little bliss bombs in their own way, undiminished by the outside world, and yet make it accessible to all those that wish to indulge. Its a cool little label, with some cool little acts. I especially liked Girls Galore and Fulmarine Petrels, both of which you can listen to below. However you can access so much from these guys its unbelievable, and very cool. So go and peruse to your hearts' content - hopefully you'll find something you can take away and cherish.

Girls Galore - Radio Rock
Fulmarine Petrels - Gold In The Yard

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