Tuesday 15 February 2011

Daughters Of The Sun Right Up Not Not Fun's Alley

Minneapolis psych minimalists Daughters Of The Sun have released their third LP Ghosts With Chains on Not Not Fun. Its a great release, and perfectly suited to NNF's M.O. - that is, decidedly off the reservation. These seven tracks are sinewy beasts that writhe discontentedly, stirring up whirligigs of malaise and unease in equal measures, best captured on 'Bell Of The Barrier'. However there is much to enjoy here - the tribal drumming of 'Busted Realm', the reverb-weary vocals of 'Moontan', the inverted warbled sonics of cryogenic space that draws out the title track - its a woozy ride. And there's even a "single" in here with the three minute dreamer 'Endless'! This is one trip that is well worth the headache.

Daughters Of The Sun - Hexagram
Daughters Of The Sun - Endless

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