Thursday 10 February 2011

Peter Pants Are Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down...

LA riot grrl outfit Peter Pants LA riot grrl outfit consists of a co-ed line-up with two girl singers and two handsome men holding down the bass and guitar. Nikki Godinez (guitar/vocals) and Lia Braswell (drums/vocals) met in Feb 2010 and were instantly bandmates in Ostrich Eyes. They have since found Michael Reyder (guitar) and Greg Shilton (bass/drums), having morphed into Peter Pants, and have just released Handsome Women, their new EP. Their influences and sounds are many - 'Streets Or No Streets' holds some of the Pretty Girls Make Graves style punk, whilst silly tunes such as 'Beaker' evoke the more obvious comparison to Dalston trio Trash Kit for their irreverence and mania. Overall, its a short (but sweet) garage punk album.

Handsome Women is out now.

Peter Pants - Streets Or Not Streets
Peter Pants - Beaker

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