Saturday 19 February 2011

How Kuato Gave Schindler His Lisp

Halifax post rock band Kuato have released their second EP Winter - three mammoth tracks that showcase the burgeoning ferocity that is building within their core sonic dynamic. Their titles walk the tightrope between funny and ridiculous ('Pet Seminary', 'Schindler's Lisp', 'Anarchy In The Ukraine'), but wordplay aside, these tracks beautifully orchestrate the effectiveness of the quiet/loud mantra, Kuato adding a sonic brevity that their idols (Pelican, Rodan, Slint) wielded in emphatic fashion. I am particularly gripped by 'Schindler's Lisp', a track that rolls forward deceptively, like a tank, before letting fire on unsuspecting ears. There is an innate ferocity to these tracks without the preciseness of the likes of Pelican, and such rawness adds power necessary to drive this release to the top of the sonic pile. A worthy little release, this one. And a brilliant Total Recall reference too!

You can grab Winter and their earlier EP at their Bandcamp site.

Kuato - Schindler's Lisp

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