Thursday 17 February 2011

Chatwin And The Panda Delivers Inca Gold

I have loved London's Talvihorros (AKA Ben Chatwin) and his guitar compositions since hearing 'The Blue Cathedral' early last year, courtesy of the cool Bad Panda collective. Since then Ive kept in semi-regular contact with him to check up on how he has progressed. Seems quite a lot - whilst he may never complete his experiments with the physicalities of the guitar, he will still keep carving out stellar results such as this. It was released on the UK label Rural Colours' subscription only list - but now you can have at it below!

Chatwin also plays in a band, Inca Gold, who Ive also been made aware of due to Bad Panda, and who released their first EP on Monday. They delve in dream pop - a semi-accurate quote pegging them as "groove infused Liquid Liquid moments meets Morricone-esque atmospherics with hints of psychedelia." Well, anyway, they have a triptych of EPs in store this year, and are already in the studio recording the sequel to Inca Gold.

Talvihorros - Solo Guitar Improvisation II

Inca Gold -Its Happening Again
Inca Gold - Hypnotize

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