Friday 4 February 2011

Serendipitious! Plankton Wat Leads To Eternal Tapestry

I started off the week stating how Plankton Wat's In Magical Light is a woozy epic of Earth-like explorations (check it out here), and now (thanks to Raven Sings The Blues) I can end the working week with Eternal Tapestry, PW's Dewey Mahood's 'day job'. They are going to be releasing an album, Beyond The 4th Door, on one of my favourite labels, Thrill Jockey, on March 15th. Here in both mp3 and video form is the first taster. Talk about an amazing 30th birthday Im off to Laneway Festival to see the likes of PVT, Deerhunter, Holy Fuck and Warpaint, with Saturday marking the end of an era - the last Onyas show in Brisbane! See you suckers on Sunday!

Eternal Tapestry - Galactic Derelict

Eternal Tapestry - Galactic Derelict from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.


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