Friday 25 February 2011

Greenspon Trudges Through A Bathetic Ballet

Its been a while since we have heard from our Bridgetown Records pal Kevin Greenspon. And whilst its not a Bridgetown release, Bathetic Records has just put out a split cassette with Greenspon and Californian Trudgers sharing the spoils. Greenspon is on his sound collage form here, evoking sonic malaise in his three short tracks that begs for longer playing time. No surprise there - however, I am taken aback by my introduction to Trudgers, who manage to offer some solid echoed, ethereal slack guitar pop through their two tracks, 'Dryer' and 'Achilles'. Their sound is perfectly primed for the sound of a cassette tape and all its tinny warbles too! Its a sweet little release, priming us for bigger things from the two outfits as the year progresses.

Kevin Greenspon - A Simpler Time/Passing By Quickly
Trudgers - Dryer

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