Thursday 3 February 2011

Black Eagle Peaks The Blackest Rainbow

This one is a little late, but Blackest Rainbow put out a pretty sweet split LP between Black Eagle Child and Donato Epiro at the arse end of last year. Both acts have released stuff on labels such as Digitalis and Stunned Records, but here they are married together (and both debuting on vinyl) in a elegant display of guitar collage majesty. Black Eagle Child (AKA Milwaukee-ite Michael Jantz) interlays his rustic beauties with glockenspiel, accordion and the slightest of field recordings to offer a whimsical meandering journey through the gap between sunset and night, whilst Italian Donato Empiro presses his guitar into more experimental realms, the strings sounding much more metallic and loose, and the effects laden over the top implies a drone aesthetic that provides a darker tension to the songs. All in all this is a great instrumental release, one that wont get the praise it deserves, despite its intricacy and tendency to warrant many listens in what is essentially an exploration of the darkness before the light.

Black Eagle Child - Manitowoc
Donato Epiro - Loro Della Linfa Io Del Sangue

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