Friday 4 February 2011

Fidhaws? Fictions? Impressions? Branca!

Just thought Id give a deserving mention to the artist fydhws - yes, fydhws...

fydhws is a solo project from Prilep, Republic of Macedonia. All the tracks on albums Impresii (Impressions) and Fikcii (Fictions) are home recordings, taken without any special equipment, one electric guitar, a digital processor, FL Studio program (for drum sections), and a MIDI controller in some parts of Fikcii. Impresii wears its influences wholeheartedly on its sleeve, but this is no bad thing, when said influences include Sonic Youth, Spaceman 3, and Glenn Branca...

Fikcii is recorded with the opposite approach, not trying to build some predefined "rock" structure but letting the drones flow.

Its all quite lovely, and deserved of your time - head over to fydhws' Bandcamp to pick these two disparate soundscape albums up, pronto!

fydhws - =7+1 (from Impresii)
fydhws - Part 02 (from Fikcii)

1 comment:

  1. NICE!!! HAIL GLENN BRANCA!! been awhile since i've seen his name poppin' up...
    Thank you.