Monday 28 February 2011

Flinging Horse Shoes

Love him or loathe him, Wavves is everywhere at the moment. With incessant touring, mucking about with stoner 'bestie' Best Coast, marketing drug paraphernalia, developing his own strain of marijuana - for a slacker, Master Nathan Williams is awfully entrepreneurial. But there is still music to be made, and he is pouring into a lot of that too. He's been releasing songs on his own for free, the latest being 'Horse Shoes' - and Im loving it. It harks back to Wavves-era dissonance and malaise, which is what I loved about him in the first place. This track has been kicking around for a while, as it was written some time ago with a Mister Zach Hill helping out on the skins - nice.

I mentioned tours - Wavves is on one in Australia from next week. Next Tuesday (March 8) sees Wavves touch down in Brisbane, dominating The Zoo - this will (hopefully) be an ace show.

Wavves - Horse Shoes

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