Tuesday 22 February 2011

Forever Beyond The Fourth Door

2011 has been a decidedly delectable year thus far in terms of psychedelic rock. And if Thrill Jockey has anything to do with it (and they most certainly do), the hits will keep on a-comin. March sees the arrival of Beyond The 4th Door, Eternal Tapestry's debut album on the label (we loved guitarist Dewey's album under the moniker Plankton Wat, In Magical Light - check what the fuss is about here). THe first thing you'll notice is the truncated track lengths - still long ('Time Winds Through A Glass, Clearly' is over 12 minutes long), but a departure from previous opuses. Yet dont be fooled - these songs havent been cut so much as condensed, distilling the swirling essence of what makes the Portland band great - long stretches of melodic guitar improvisations, dark brooding songs that slowly build and expand to allow in layers of light - into a tighter focus. Hence the five tracks meld into an orgiastic phalanx of surreal fluidity, culminating in an album that, at 43 minutes long, feels too short and yet eternal all the same.

Beyond The 4th Door is out on March 15 - you can pre-order it here. Eternal Tapestry are playing a few shows this week in the US along the East Coast with label-mates Arbouretum and the brilliant Endless Boogie, whilst also scoring the hometown support slot for Moon Duo on April 9. No news as to any global touring as yet - but we can surely hope...

Eternal Tapestry - Galactic Derelict

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