Thursday 3 February 2011

Squiggly Shit and Methadone - Getting Blissed Out...

You know when you are watching Trash Humpers for the tenth time in a row, and the roof of your mouth starts caving in, followed by the teddy bears sitting adjacent to you firing up the crack pipe whilst talking about bonsai plants and acrid aromatherapy, and all you can think about is a nice cool glass of watered down ice?

No? Well, you are about to find out what that feels like

3MPIR3 §†Å†3
(AKA Empire State) is the first full length disc from BL§§D ØU† (AKA Blissed Out), out last Tuesday digitally - there's going to be vinyl pressings available as of next week. Its nine songs of general ambient decay. Dont ask me how, but these guys have created sounds that infiltrate and dirty your mind in such a way that you actually crave a methadone comedown. This is creepy chillwave - creepwave? - that is both repellent and oh so addictive. Its also very very good.

If you are in New York City tonight, Blissed Out is playing a show with White Ring at Santos Party House.


Blissed Out - Myrtle Wyckoff from Sterling Crispin on Vimeo.

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