Friday 11 February 2011

Circling The Sewer

Sydney's cesspool dwellers Circle Pit are making a messy name for themselves of late, and with the right stage partners (Zond, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Thee Oh Sees, Super Wild Horses) and the release of new 7" Sewercide (RIP Society/Sweet Rot Records), its easy to see why. The A-side comes across as Sonic Youth at their most feral, which is helped in no small part by the visceral noise and Amanda Bermuda's uncanny Kim Gordon impersonation. The sweat has been fused into the wax, and you cannot listen to this without feeling deliciously dirty, both inside and out. B-side 'Rolling With The Punches' is a throwback to the late 70s/early 80s garage rock - you could almost hear bands like even T-Rex fist pumping this one out at a stadium show, although it is a bit more drunken and disgusting than Marc Bolan can do. Because Circle Pit, for all the scuzziness, are a glam rock band also - and these two songs perfectly capture the two sides of the band (and also counts for their varying fashion sense, swing from punk as fuck to uber hipster as fuck sometimes in the same week). If you want to get all nihilistic and kick holes in the nearest surface and/or person, or just get all boozed up and shake your head back and forth whilst your long mullet flicks into the next pundit's VB can, Circle Pit can cater for your needs...

Circle Pit - Sewercide
Circle Pit - Rolling With The Punches

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