Monday 28 February 2011

20 Years On, We're Still Riding To Nowhere

Im not gonna beat around the bush on this one - only a couple facts need to be stated here. Ride are having their seminal debut LP Nowhere re-released as a 20th anniversary reissue complete with a thick booklet of old photos, liner notes, and a Jim DeRogatis-penned look back on the Oxford shoegazers' near-perfect debut. Nowhere is beautiful - a conterpoint to that other shoegaze band, My Bloody Valentine, almost a yin to their yang, a great hook-laden pop record with insane levels of noise. These songs were built to last - and last they have.

The first great reissue of 2011 is here. If you do not own it, then now's the time - the reissue by Rhino Records is expansive, a must have. Thank you , Rhino - my new favourite album of 2011 was written in 1991...

Ride - Seagull

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