Monday 7 February 2011

Young Widows Show No Heart - Thank Fuck

Old Wounds was one of the most criminally underrated albums of 2008. Fuck it - Young Widows is one of the most underrated bands out there. Here's hoping that their new LP, In And Out Of Youth And Lightness (out on Temporary Residence). Whilst having only heard the single 'Future Heart', this album promises to be a contender for best noise rock album of the year. Whilst still dark as fuck - it was recorded at a funeral home, just because I guess? - there is talk of much more expansion in the build up to the guttural explosions that YW are infamous for, which should to give them a much more devastating response. I am positively salivating at the brutal possibilities here! The tracklist is below:

“Young Rivers”
“Future Heart”
“In and Out of Lightness”
“Lean on the Ghost”
“The Muted Man”
“Right in the End”
“Miss Tambourine Wrist”
“White Golden Rings”
“In and Out of Youth”

In And Out Of Youth And Lightness isnt out til April. Cant wait that long? Grab the Future Heart 7" with B Side 'Rose Window' here - or hunt down one of the four 7" splits they did on Temporary Residence in 2009 (with SM faves My Disco, Melt Banana, Pelican and Bonnie "Prince" Billy) - too much Young Widows is never enough.

Young Widows - Future Heart

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