Monday 14 February 2011

Traveling With Moon Duo Is A-Maze-ing

(Photo by Hane Lee)

A release that I am looking forward to is Wooden Shjips' Ripley Johnson's side project Moon Duo. Their last LP Escape was pretty stellar, so this newie, Mazes (out on Souterrain Transmissions or Sacred Bones on March 28th) promises to be something equally as special. And to work us up into a suitably slimy lather is the title track from the upcoming album below. This may be blasphemous, but Ive liked Moon Duo's take on psychedelia more than Wooden Shjips - although I love both acts - just because there seems to be a good deal more cohesion between Johnson and his partner Sanae Yamada.

If you are situated in the US, Moon due are doing a rather large string of shows through March and April - the rest of us will have to wait.

Moon Duo - Mazes

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