Tuesday 1 February 2011

Searching For The Political Grail, Grimy VHS Style

Portland instrumental brooders Grails are prepping the release of new album Deep Politics on March 8 on Temporary Residence. Now when i wanted to know what direction the guys may have been leading us towards, I went to their website - as you do - and got this promo...

GRAILS - DEEP POLITICS from The Fact Facer on Vimeo.

Suffice to say I was amused and bemused in equal measures. But mainly amused - its fucking amazing isnt it? Still, there is a clearer view of what to expect as they release the track 'I Led Three Lives', which you can have at below. I dont know - I kinda liked the premise of peering into a unique but highly unpredictable world of tragedies and inhumanities when Man can be the wildest animal of all. Green skies. Trumpets scoring polluted beaches and people standing around and watching a dead guy. A burning building. Revelations 20:7 - my favourite Biblical verse...

Grails - I Led Three Lives

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